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Varsity to cater for left-handed students



The University of Nairobi is planning to construct 2500 desks for left-handed students. The construction and maintenance department has been commissioned to make the left-handed desks and distribute to lecture halls as soon as they are ready.


“Because this is a simple job that does not require a lot of materials we will not be issuing any tenders to any firm. Instead, we will do the construction ourselves, “said Joseph Mogaka, the senior carpenter at the construction and maintenance workshop.


Left-handed students have been requesting for the desks, with lecturers noting some students struggle during lectures and exams.


With studies showing that 10% of the world population is left-handed, 2,500 desks still falls below the required number of UoN’s 50,000 student population. However, students at the university are not usually in session at the same time, meaning the new desks might be sufficient.


Gilbert Malavi, a second year left-handed student was elated to learn of the news which he termed long overdue.


”At least I am sure I can now beat the two hours set for most exams and I can also keep pace with the lecturer especially when he or she is dictating notes,” said Malavi.


The desks as described by Mr.Guto, will be more comfortable and accommodative for the left-handed especially from the wrist to the elbow which in turn will reduce exhaustion during writing.


Some studies have shown that left-handers tend to have good visual-spatial skills and the ability to imagine spatial layouts. Good mathematicians, musicians, architects and artists are more likely to have a higher number of lefties compared to other professions.


Some of the famous left-handed personalities include President Obama, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Castro, musicians Natele Cole, Phil Collins, Michelengelo the artist, and Tom Cruise among many others.



Interesting facts about left handed people

According to an article published by the Week, credible research points to 5 unique things about left-handed people;

  1. They’re more affected by fear
  2. They have a short temper
  3. They’re more inhibited
  4. They associate “left” with good
  5. They may have an advantage in politics


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