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USIU unveils new brand identity with emphasis on Africa (Photos)


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The United States International University has adopted Africa into its name as well as unveiled a new logo.  Speaking at an ‘unmasking’, Prof. Freida Brown, USIU Africa’s Vice Chancellor said the new identity will align with the institutions responsibility of contributing positively to Africa’s redevelopment.

“The rebranding coincides with our 45th anniversary in the region and at a time when we as an institution are investing in strategic structures that will help us differentiate ourselves from other institutions by providing quality education,” said Prof. Brown.


The institution is constructing a science building that will cost Kshs. 500 Million. The 7500 square feet building will house 8 classrooms, 8 laboratories, 2 lecture theatres, 2 meeting rooms and 28 offices. It will be the official home of the School of Science and Technology.

The university also announced that plans are underway to launch new programs that include Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. The institution’s MBA program will also launch a new concentration in Global Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship (GSSE) that will be offered in conjunction with the Colorado State University.


With USIU Africa recording the highest international student population in the country, promoting its brand worldwide will also be a focus the university will be investing in.

“We have found that sharing of diverse ideas brought about by different backgrounds enhances creativity and discovery of innovative ideas that result to a positive direction towards problem solving. Investing in exchange programs is therefore an important direction we shall continue to explore,” Ms. Rita Asunda, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Enrollment stated.


The high number of foreign students at USIU Africa can be attributed to the university’s dual accreditation in the U.S. and Kenya, giving its graduates recognition worldwide.

“To remain relevant, an organization must continue to revamp itself with its current environment at the core of its strategy, and USIU Africa is no exception. We aim at re-emphasizing our core values through our new brand that demonstrates integrity and our commitment to providing quality education,” stated Ms. Jane Muriithi-Thomas, Head of Marketing and Communications.


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