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USIU Fusion week merges art and student enterprise


Fusion Week is an annual Summer semester USIU event that seeks to give students a platform for showcasing their businesses and other entrepreneurial endeavours.

It’s a chance for students to get recognized for the hard work they do outside of school and get some publicity for their businesses. The only condition is that businesses allowed to showcase at the event have to be run by a USIU student.

Henna Jethwa

“The opportunity to showcase my art to the students, faculty and guests and see how much they appreciate my hard work is very gratifying.” says Henna Jethwa, an established artist and USIU student whose hand painted wares sold at prices ranging from fifteen thousand shillings and above.

fusion art


Other students laid out their handiworks, ranging from handmade jewelry to ceramic mugs on the ground and on tables for all to see.

Kiziwa Africa is a regular at such school events. With the food being cooked and served by Edgar Obare, a fourth year IT student, the regular attendees have grown to love the food he brings which ranges from pork to pilau and a few snacks.

“There’s always a high demand for food at such events, and people have come to know that Kiziwa Africa offers the best food around. This means booming business, so of course I’m always willing to participate,” says Edgar.


fusion feat


We were also fortunate enough to have guests such as Kanji Mbugua come to talk to us about the entertainment industry and how to succeed as a business minded person in it. His visit was organized by the school’s Business Club, headed by Professor Scott Bellows.


All in all, the event was a complete success and served as another notch under USIU’s belt in its pursuit to promote entrepreneurship among its students, and encourage them to create employment.

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