USIU commissions a Sh735M student centre


USIU student centre

USIU-Africa is preparing the construction of a new student center that is intended to accommodate a student populace of about 8,000 students. The building is expected to cost the institution Sh735 Million and the structure is expected to be completed and ready for use by September 2016.

The building is expected to house offices for Career and Placement Services, Exchange programs offices, counseling and therapy, academic support services and Student Leadership. The centralization of student services at the new student center will aid in empowering the students to focus more passionately on their studies and their personal development.

The building is also expected to give room for activities that will help enhance student’s general academic experience through exposure and participation in social, intellectual and recreational programs. The building will also house a fitness center with the most advanced equipment and an expanded healthcare center.

USIU- Africa Vice Chancellor Prof. Freida brown highlighted the significance of Student Affairs and Services in the development of any higher learning institution.

“At USIU-Africa, we believe in a well-rounded student which we know the education ministry has stressed in its strategies for improving higher education in Kenya. We are committed to playing our part and this project is a sign of our devotion to education in Africa,” said Prof. Brown.

The cabinet secretary for ministry of education, science and technology Prof. Jacob T. Kaimenyi, PhDhas greatly emphasized the importance of higher learning institutions to investing in their students and their affairs.

“Higher learning institutions must continuously invest in students and student affairs and services as this provides a healthy return to national economies ensuring students success in higher education and their subsequent contributions to national welfare,” he said.



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