Usher debuts No Limit Video


An artist who continues to reinvent himself through the years, a veteran in the music industry Usher has worked hard to maintain his influence in the musical realm. With great music, interesting collaborations and paying it forwards with mentorship programs; Usher Raymond is one special artist.

Mr. Raymond has been “Caught up” with several projects. With 20 years in the industry, Usher has now taken to discovering and developing talent. Strategic collaborations have brought several artists to the forefront like platinum artist Justin Bierber. A more recent discovery is Malaysian talent Yuna with whom he has a single in 2016 titled “Crush”.  He also has a movie “Hands of Stone” due to hit theaters in this year.

In the song “No Limits” previously performed on the BET 2016 stage, the video was released to the public on the 8th August. Partnering with Young Thug, the song is mean and straight to the point, proving Usher is not bound by limitations. The trap beat captures the trend in HipHop and RnB now but stays true to Usher’s signature smooth style. Melody and rap fuse to create a unique sound laid on a heavy trap beat. The song immediately encourages one to move and groove. The video is definitely different, with no women making the cast it is a great change.He shared some behind the scenes images on his Instagram page, alerting his fans on the song’s release. Its obvious the song will raise through the charts.


With great moves and swagger this song could be the ultimate start to a great Friday night with friends.





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