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Usain Bolt races round Host James Corden


Host of the Late, Late Show James Corden recently raced the world fastest man Jamaican Olympian Usain Bolt. The race that included American actor Owen Wilson and the entire staff of The Late, Late Show with James Corden was a sight to behold.


With everyone on the payroll including accountants and set producers running the race, it was encouraging to see the athletically challenged ran against the world’s fastest. Nicknamed as “Lightning Bolt” the 30 year old sprinter from Kingston, Jamaica had an easy run against other participants. Owen Wilson tried to get a head start which nearly had him disqualified in the race. Needless to say, James Corden lead from the back, managing to cross the line way after 20th place.

The trio made for a great watch as 100m athlete showed and proved why he is a triple time gold medalist at the last consecutive Olympics. It was all fun and games with James attributing his loss to the life of an athlete ” I would have liked to be in the top fifteen… some days it comes, some days it doesn’t.”

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