Update Your Resume To Increase Your Chances Of Getting The Job


When you come across some job advertisements, they demand that the applicant includes some information in their curriculum vitae. This information may not be in your CV hence the need to update it.

1.When the advert requires that you include your previous salary

In this case, the question of where to fix this crucial information arises. You don’t have to mess up the format of your resume by placing this information anywhere. Get a separate page with a title, “Personal Salary Information” and jot down organizations you’ve worked for, the position you held and the payments.


2.When the employer demands your age to be included

Most, if not all, of us, have never bothered to include their age in their CVs. We consider it redundant. When this is brought up, place your age in the first part of your resume after writing your date of birth. This will help the employer scan through your CV with ease.


However, when updating the curriculum vitae, the following information could be deemed as irrelevant;

1.Interests or Hobbies

No one cares about your interests and this includes employers. A majority of employers want to know about your work experiences, knowledge and skills regarding the job available and achievements. Don’t bother to include all those hobbies unless they have a direct relationship with the job you’re applying for.


2.Your Identity Number, Status, and Religion

Identity number is only useful once you’ve been awarded the job and the employer wants more information from you. For religion, only include it if the job is about religious activity and the employer specified to be included. No organization employs people based on religious affiliation; this is against employment ethics.


3.Unrelated iInformation On Work Experience

You may have several experiences in your previous works, but only include those concerning the job you’re applying for. Don’t list all of them just to ‘strengthen’ your resume; it is irrelevant.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Willie Blair.




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