UoN students riot over sale of mandazi ban


A section of the University of Nairobi students were involved in riots earlier today.

According to reports on Twitter, the students went on a rampage on Uhuru Highway, State house road and Moi Avenue where they caused chaos and disrupted the flow of traffic.

According to sources, it is reported that the varsity’s students welfare Director had banned the sale of mandazis by shops operating within the halls of residence.

It’s alleged that the mandazis contained marijuana leading to the administration taking the drastic step.

Mike Jacob’s (Babu Owino’s opponents) supporters who got suspended after causing chaos when Jacob lost the last election were the alleged perpetrators of the riots.

A source who spoke to us on condition of anonymity confirmed the allegations that the students who were suspended were the ones who were fueling the unrest.

They demanded to be readmitted back to school.



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