UoN students protest arrest of comrades and demand postponing of exams


UoN Main campus

University of Nairobi students on Monday Afternoon took to the streets over what they are calling ‘misuse of power by the university administration and abuse of the human rights and freedom of association by the Kenya Police.’

The students marched to the Supreme Court of Kenya to petition the release of twelve students who were arrested during SONU campaigns and immediate apology by the security organs. One student said is quoted saying, ‘‘we can’t allow the Kenya Police to abuse its powers pretending to be protecting the intellectual community’”.

One of the leaders among the protesting students said that they wanted immediate release of the students who were arrested, failure to which they would come back and take unspecified action.

The group then marched back to the university demanding postponement of end of semester exams. Meanwhile, students on comrades’ forum, a facebook page of the University of Nairobi, continued to demand that exams be postponed. Most students say they are not prepared to do the exams and are pushing for the senate to postpone the examinations by at least two weeks.

‘‘The lecturers went on strike and learning was hindered. We are demanding that the admin extend the exams to allow us recover from the lost time during their strike and the students’ elections,” said one student.

The rowdy students went into Maktaba hall and disrupted an ongoing exam demanding that they can’t allow such a process to continue. There was no damage of property reported.



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