UoN student found dead in Main Campus swimming pool



The University of Nairobi (UON) student fraternity has lost one of their own in a dark twist of fate at the UON Main Campus swimming pool. Students are in still in shock at the untimely death of a 4th year Economics student who had only a month to go before the completion of his course.

He was discovered lying dead at the floor of the swimming pool’s deep end at around 4 p.m. yesterday. The discovery of the body sent students scampering out of the pool in shock. Students had been swimming in the pool from as early as 2 pm. But due to the poor state of the pool, students swam for almost two hours before they discovered the body.

The greenish water reduces visibility of the pool’s floor to a vague, dark hue at the deep end. The filtration machine that cleans the pool and removes algae has been broken for sometime. We need to avoid a similar incident where students swim for hours with a dead body in the pool because they can’t see the floor.

There are several theories surrounding his death. I will not try and give them mileage on my blog. I prefer to let the authorities and the post mortem report tell us. However, the circumstances surrounding his death are suspicious.

When his body was found, he was fully clad in a khaki trouser, a T-shirt, and with his leather shoes on him. I went there to see for myself and I found his body lying by the poolside with students milling around it.

I arrived around thirty minutes after the body had been pulled out of the pool. His body was fresh, and he almost looked lifelike. On a bench, ten meters away, three policemen were chatting nonchalantly as they waited for crime scene detectives.

It was a sad sight, and I left after about ten minutes. There are a few photos of the scene and the body from whatsapp. However, due to my respect for the dead, I will not let them appear here. They are a tad too graphic, and we need to be sensitive to the parents and close friends.

Respectfully, let us remember his parents, relatives, and friends in prayer. Lets us remember and mourn our fallen comrade. Rest in Peace.

By Joe Mugendi blog



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