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UoN students trap suspected thief



A 22 year old University of Nairobi student was on Monday beaten and then arrested at the UoN play grounds for allegedly stealing from one of the students.


The 3rd year Bcomm student was caught after a group of students set a trap by leaving some items on a bag near the basketball court, carefully observing from a distance.


Several students had complained for months of lost or stolen items at the sports grounds.

Lilian Mugo, a student at UoN, said that she had lost her digital camera and a brand new Samsung handset.

“I had left my handbag outside the basketball pitch to play,”

After finishing playing she realized that some of her items were missing in the handbag.

Some students decided to trap the thief and that’s when the student was caught and beaten before police from Kileleshwa police station took him away.

 According to an observer, the student used some tactics to keep people out of his sight.

“He used an open umbrella to shield himself while inspecting peoples belongings,” said one student.

Another student said he had spotted the suspect stealing a laptop from a Toyota Hilux.

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