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UoN sets up digital screens to reach students


The University of Nairobi has deployed high-def digital screens in several campuses to make it easier to communicate to students. The screens have been positioned in places where students frequently visit such as the main library.

The screens have been employed to ensure information from administration and faculty gets to the students in a fast and efficient way. The PR department has been using the HD screens to announce town hall meetings where distinguished guests are invited to speak on various issues at the main campus.

The screens also display student-related information such as how to open a student email account; services offered by the campus, student population, past and present achievements.

“For a certain duration of time, we had to consult widely with different professionals affiliated with this business so that we as the P.R  department could conceptualize a structure that would serve the needs of all parties involved and especially the students,” said an officer in the PR department.

The department has put up four screens at the main campus and a few more at the Kikuyu and Chiromo campuses.  Plans are underway to install more screens in other campuses and a giant HD screen at the main campus that will capture the attention of students who are always on the go.

“We are in the final phases of erecting a giant screen. The only issue is the ideal location. Apart from being the best tool to capture students’ attention, the screen will also come in handy in the dissemination of information because it can display a wide array of content,” said the PRO.

In the near future the P.R department hopes to go into partnerships with different organizations or NGO’s to promote the use of contraceptives and also discourage drug abuse among students with special advertisements by campus comrades to be displayed on the digital media.

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