UoN, KU, USIU security alerts indicates imminent terror attack targeting varsities


KU memoThe University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University and the United States International University issued security memos within the last one week, informing students and staff of new security measures while cautioning people within their campuses to be extra vigilant.

In the wake of the Garissa University attack, the fact that the universities sent out the memos within the last 7 days may be indicative that there was credible intel of an imminent attack of a university or college. Prof. Paul Wainana, DVC Administration at Kenyatta University sent out a memo yesterday (1st April 2015) requesting students to co-operate with the security personnel.

“In view of the potential risks, our security system has become extra vigilant and as a result screening of all persons entering Kenyatta University premises has been intensified, among other measures,” read the memo.

There was security scare yesterday at KU’s post-modern library when it was rumoured there was a bomb in the building causing a major stamped. Some students had to exit through the windows in the upper floors, using ladders in a bid to escape the threat. The student association issued a memo later saying the commotion was caused “a misunderstanding between a Student and a Security officer.”

The University of Nairobi, through the Chief Security Officer, issued a more specific communication on 25th March 2015, warning of retaliatory attacks by the Al Shabaab.

“Intelligence reports indicate that the al shabaab terror group is planning retaliatory attacks on vital installations in Nairobi including a major University. The information is already being processed by the relevant government agencies with an objective of putting necessary measures in place to foil any such attempts,” said W.M Wahome.

USIU-A also asked students to be extra vigilant in and out of campus and to report any suspicious people or vehicles. The university emphasized all vehicles will be inspected and vetted before being allowed within the campus.

Reports coming out of Garissa University College imply the attackers met armed security forces who had been stationed at the university. General Inspector of Police, Inspector Boinet, said in a statement this morning that Police guarding the students’ hostels responded swiftly after they heard the gunshots.

“However the attackers retreated and gained entry into the hostels. The officers summoned for reinforcement immediately and a joint force composed of the NPS officers and other security agencies arrived and are currently engaged in an elaborate process of flushing out the gunmen from the hostels,” said Boinet.



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