UoN hosts AIESEC volunteers from China

Students from Beijing Normal University – among them a reporter with Xinhua and Reuters news agencies – made the UoN Education building ground floor the venue for their world outreach program funded by AIESEC.

For the two months they have been in Kenya, they have visited various institutions for the desolate one of them being the Mukuru Kaiyaba slums in South B. The students were appealing to students of goodwill to donate to the positive cause.

The students-cum-volunteers were at the ED building to collect donations on behalf of the less fortunate slum dwellers at South B. Photographs of the dire situation in the settlement area draped a white pin up board.

They also had a big brown carton where well wishers could drop their donations of clothes, blankets or toiletries. But from the look of things the response they were getting was not what the students expected.

“Some people are just passing us by like we don’t matter but I understand its part of the challenges we have to put up with,”said Hu Yu a

Reporter and volunteer with AIESEC.

The students’ views of Kenya were not dented by what they saw at the slum. They also added that from the UON they would be visiting other various institutions which include Kenyatta University.

My experiences at this part of the globe will forever be etched in my memory. Coming to Kenya has made me realize the world is a bigger place. I sincerely thank AIESEC for

giving me the chance to help fellow humans in need”, said Li Ke Ran a second year finance management student at Beijing Normal University.

“My Kenyan name is Collins Omondi,” he added with a smile.

The students and their Kenyan counterpart enjoyed every moment they spent helping fellow people in need and were relishing for an opportunity to do it again.

“I have been in Kenya for almost two months now and I have made lots of friends. I really want to come back here and help even more people because I don’t think I have done enough,” Hu Yu added.

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