UoN Campus Diva reveals all on national TV, trends on Twitter


A third year Medicine student at the University of Nairobi gave the country an inside look into the life of a ‘campus diva’ in a feature carried by NTV. The 22 year old girl, who was referred as Kate, revealed she enjoys the company of older, richer men who treat her well and lavish her with gifts and finance her expensive lifestyle, including paying for an apartment in exchange for sex.

Kate said attraction to older men may have stemmed from “how dads treat our mums like charity begins at home”. Though Kate said she has dated younger guy, she confessed that she has always preferred older men from high school. The story created quite a buzz on social media, trending on twitter with most remarks condemning her. The reaction was fast and furious with most KOTs questioning the state of the ‘executive apartment’ and nothing much to show a lavish, excessive lifestyle. However, Kate does not regret her choice because she says she loves the ‘good life’.



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