UoN ‘big balls’ planning to block Nairobi roads over HELB delays


strike highway students

The University of Nairobi Student Union (SONU) is rallying students to block all the major roads in Nairobi tomorrow (Monday 26th Jan) morning if first years will not have received their fees by 9am. The student leadership promises to paralyze “the whole of Nairobi City County.”

A ‘circular’ sent to all the 7 campuses in Nairobi by “Team big balls” led by SONU Chairman Babu Owino and deputy Chrispoh Nyagaya, asks the students to occupy roads near their campuses.

Main Campus students have been instructed to block University way, “to make sure Ringera (HELB CEO) does not leave the anniversary towers building. They are also to block Lower state house road so that the President does not find his way out of the state house.”

Other campuses that will participate in the demo include; Kikuyu Campus (to block road to Kikuyu town), Upper Kabete (Waiyaki Way), Lower Kabete (Lower Kabete Rd) and Kenya Science (Ngong Rd). Others are KNH Campus (Kenyatta Hospital), Engineering and Architecture to block Uhuru Highway and Chiromo Campus will occupy Riverside Rd.

The Team bigballs is declaring Monday a national holiday and asks parents and lecturers to “keep off all those roads named above and leave their cars at home.”

But in a memo to students, Prof Mbeche, DVC Student Affairs requested the students to drop the demonstration plans and promised HELB will disburse the fees in good time.

“I wish to assure you all that I have in this connection consulted with the Cabinet Secretary, Education Science and Technology, Principal Secretary, State Department of Higher Education, and the Chief Executive Officer, HELB loans will be duly executed,” states the Memo.




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