UoN beat Makerere in American Football, in a mixed-gender match


Hundreds of fans yesterday gathered at the University of Nairobi (UON) sports ground to witness the first ever regional American football friendly between UoN and Uganda’s Makerere University.


University of Nairobi thrashed Makerere 20-0, though it’s not something to sing about seeing that Makerere fielded a mixed-gender team. The Makerere female players held their defensive position which gave their opponents a hard time to spear through the defense.


UoN, led by George Alwan’g, drew first blood when they made an early fast down on the 7th minute of play and two conversions that took them to the top.


The fact that ladies were playing alongside guys, and that American football is a relatively new game in East Africa attracted a sizable crowd, most of them out of curiosity.


“We Ugandan ladies love American football.” said one of the Ugandan players.

According to some fans, they only attended the match to witness the world wide known game.

“I just wanted to see how players crash themselves in this game with their head gears,” said one fan.

For others, it was the clash of the two foremost universities in the region that brought them to the pitch.

“I love my country and I feel good when I see them playing in Kenya,” said Alice, a Ugandan student studying at UON.


This match was a litmus test for both teams on their preparedness ahead of the East African University games scheduled to take place in Kigali, Rwanda starting August this year.



UoN team before game



UON has also played Dar-es-salaam University away and now waiting for a return match here in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.


UON now have an American coach Tom Kelly who according to the players is doing a lot to ensure American football gets rooted in the East African region.


The only  Uniz that have American Football in the region include; Kigali University, Makerere University, Dar-es-salaam University and the University Of Nairobi.


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