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UoN alumnus develops social learning and sharing portal



A University of Nairobi recent graduate and serial entrepreneur has come up with a platform that allows students and tutors learn and exchange information in an easy and fast way.


“Shakili.com is a hybrid learning platform that connects educators to students and by enabling users to set up e-schools and create courses to share knowledge and content,” says Muthuri Kinyamu a recent graduate B.Com graduate, blogger and CEO of SocialProClubs, who co-founded the platform.


According to Muthuri, the website will create a participatory culture in the learning process by enabling both students and there lecturers to share learning content. The word ‘Shakili’ is a morph of two words; ‘Share’ and ‘Akili’ (knowledge).



“Through Shakili lecturers and teachers can create, upload and share digital educational content-in various formats with students thus making learning more fun and enjoyable,” says Muthuri.


The aim is to ease content sharing and networking amongst varsity students and faculty, while also making learning faster through digitized content. Shakili also assists experts in various fields to publish educational materials on one platform of creative multimedia formats in a variety of screens for the local and global audience.


Nick Stewart, Maxi Ngari and Zack Kiuna a computer engineer and a PHP developer were instrumental in actualizing the idea. Without outside funding, the team raised necessary financing from savings. The four worked for close to six months, launching the product two weeks ago.

Shakili also assists experts in various fields to publish educational materials on one platform of creative multimedia

“To use shakili.com a user creates an account and then logs in to create schools and join other schools that had previously been created by other users,” explains Muthuri.


A school is an in equivalent of faculty/college/school or department in varsities where different courses are offered.


“After creating or joining schools, the user searches course preferences. If it hasn’t been added, you add and then begin uploading educational materials that are relevant to that course.”


Though the website mainly targets University students, lecturers and administrators, Muthuri is quick to point out that even other people can also use the website.


“Research institutions, corporate entities, NGO’s, speakers, bloggers, coaches and consultants can also create schools and courses within there area of interests as a way of organizing work for easier browsing and also as the best form of online marketing,” he says.


“Our focus now is not on monetization but building a great platform that delivers great local education content in a social and a mobile platform structured for downloading and viewing and accessible anywhere, anytime.”


Muthuri concludes that the website also provides a two-pronged approach to democratization of education by offering access to high quality content for students and giving experts a platform to share knowledge with interested learners.


You can join the waiting list by clicking here shakili.com and be the first to know when the team is ready for you in coming days.

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