Unpaid interns sue US TV networks and win



The number of law suits by unpaid interns working in different media houses in the US is increasing by the day. According to the Huffington Post, quoting different sources, a former intern at NBC Universal has sued the cable network for ‘working without pay’. Another intern, Monet Eliastam is suing the network ‘for time spent working on Saturday Night Live in 2002’.

More interns have taken legal action against major media companies in the past with the courts giving rulings favorable to the interns. A production company paid $11,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by former unpaid interns. A Manhattan court ruled that former interns contracted in the production of the movie ‘Black Swan’ were de facto employees and were entitled to payment.

With the exploitative nature of some companies in Kenya who demand interns pay for an internship, the courts may just be the saving grace for thousands of graduates looking for an opportunity to learn without being exploited.




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