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University students in ‘leadership for life’ programme

Participants showcase their certificates
Participants showcase their certificates

Students from University of Nairobi, Kenyatta and Kimathi Universities recently participated in Albert Schweitzer’s leadership for life programme at the Children and Youth empowerment center in Thunguma, Nyeri.

The training organized by Alan Kerin’s project is an inception of Foroige’s eight programees since inception in 1952.

“Thought it was intensive, we had a lot of fun and the objectives were met considering the short period,” said Edward Kagure, a second year student at KU.

The programme – which empowers students through leadership development – started in Ireland and made its debut in Africa first in Zambia then Kenya this year.

“It has been an awesome experience meeting new people and sharing new ideas,” said Mercy Andeso a social work student at Nairobi University.

During the training, participants from the universities as well as the Children and Youth Empowerment Centre (CYEC) engaged in various games and team building activities as a way to affirm the various topics they were trained on. After an introduction to leadership, attendants went through topics like team building, communication skills and critical thinking.

Team work during training
Team work during training

“Setting goals and achieving them was so encouraging. It is the start of the journey towards our destiny,” said Alex Murage of CYEC.

Later, students reflected on topics such as self awareness, values, global visions as well as personal visions.  Throughout the training, the participants got a chance to learn by filling personalized workbooks. .

The training culminated in presentation of certificates after all participants had made public presentation of their leadership goal. They also got a chance to focus on their communities and the country as a whole envisioning some of the changes that they would want to see.

“I believe it will be applicable amongst the youth as the approach is commendable and involves a lot of games. It is easy to grasp the lessons,” added Edward Kagure.

The Albert Schweitzer leadership for life programme is meant to empower the youth who in turn become facilitators that train other young people.

“My perception on leadership has totally changed. Whenever I heard of leadership, I thought of politicians, now I realize I am a leader of my own right,” said Magdalene Njeri, a student at KU.

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