University of Zimbabwe bans kissing and sex in campus



The Zimbabwe students’ union on Thursday made war not love over a new code of conduct banning students from kissing on campus at the country’s top university.

In a circular displayed at halls of residence, authorities at the University of Zimbabwe said students “caught in any intimate position such as kissing or having sex in public places” would be punished.

The university also barred resident students from bringing members of the opposite sex to their hostels and “loitering in dark places outside the sports pavilion or lecture venues.”

Student leader Gilbert Mutubuki said students would resist the rules introduced two weeks ago.

“We are against these rules which we view as archaic, repressive and evil,” Mutubuki, president of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASSU) told AFP.

“These rules infringe on our rights as adults. We cannot be treated like secondary school children. The university is giving too much power to the guards who are left to define what intimate positions means. We cannot allow it,” said Zinasu board member Tinotenda Mhungu said in a presser.

The student union said 500 students were intimidated into signing the new rules in order to get accommodation in the halls of residence, News Day reported.

Sources said students in other hostels had refused to sign the indemnity forms, describing the stringent admission regulations as unfair.



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