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Uni students commend the new Samsung Galaxy Pocket



Samsung took a different and bold approach to a product launch by allowing a select group of Uni students speak about their 10-day experience with the new Samsung Galaxy Pocket.


The six students, from CUEA, UoN, KU and JKUAT, were the key stars at the launch at the Hilton earlier today.


Some of the features the students praised include pocket music which allows owners access a large range of free music paid for by Samsung, a social hub that integrates the users’s social networks on one page and chat – all which can be performed on multiple open windows.


The Galaxy Pocket runs on Android Gingerbread, giving access to users to over 400,000 apps on the Google apps market.

One particular app that amused the students was the mosquito repellant app which emits HD sonic sound that is irritating to mosquitoes and other flies, but undetectable to the human ear because of the high pitch.


The Galaxy Pocket boosts of improved text input and provides speedier, more accurate typing for web searches or quick messaging with friends. The device offers 3GB user memory for applications, MPS files, photos and other media, as well as in-built FM radio.


“In developing countries, mobile phones have been identified as a key avenue to bridge the digital divide and the launch of Samsung Galaxy Pocket squarely as a suitable tool to raise internet penetratiob,” said Robert Ngeru, Business Leader Samsung Electronics East Africa.


Galaxy Pocket is available in five colors yellow, white, orange, pink and black will retail at Ksh9,999 with a two-year warranty.

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