Undeterred political campus divas soldier on


Campus and college student politics is a microcosm of our national politics; full of intrigues, backstabbing, short-lived coalitions, bribery and violence. It is harder for female contestants that have enough guts to venture into student politics. But there are a few that remain unbowed even in the face of threats. Meet two University of Nairobi ladies that are making a mark within the Student Organisation of University of Nairobi (SONU) – arguably one of the most competitive student organizations in the country.

Georgina George Wanjiru

The beautiful and intelligent Georgina is one of the administrators of UoN’s popular and very political ‘Comrade’s forum’ on Facebook. The dreadlocked political science and French student describes her political ambitions as ‘natural calling’.


“I have always loved politics since I was a kid. I knew about SONU way before I joined UoN so I am just doing what I was born to do,” says the second year student.


Just a few weeks into her first year at campus, Georgina had already mingled with SONU senior officials but she did not waste any time to make her convictions known; student rights were her priority.


“Comrades forum which boost of more than 7,700 members was started two years ago after Osieny’s (former student leader) rule was rejected. We formed it for the sole purpose of giving voice to the voiceless, to be a platform where students can air their views.”


Comrade’s forum, which has three administrators Georgina, Ndege Sirkal, and Ochingo, has over the years grown to the point of attracting aspiring presidential candidates.


“All the presidential aspirants have their agents who actively campaign for them using the forum.”


But the road has not been a walk in the park. She has received threats and verbally abused to a point of giving up, but her strong personality she has braved the storm and seen it all.


“I get threats but they remain to be just threats. I don’t stop and listen to every dog that backs at me just call me the lioness of UoN because I am in this thing to the last.”


She is really mad at the current SONU administration which she describes as bogus, incompetent and corrupt.


“SONU is just full of selfish hungry leaders taking students for a ride… it’s the worst SONU really because how can you explain the lackluster way they deal with student affairs?” she asks, visibly upset.


So why doesn’t she vie for sonu chair?


“I have been under a lot of pressure from students to vie for the chair (position) but I haven’t yet decided because I believe leadership is about action not position. Furthermore, I am representing students just fine in my current position.”


In her free time she listens to a lot of bob Marley and lucky Dube songs and reveals that her dread locks are a sign to her loyalty to her African roots.


“My dreadlocks are exactly 111 in number. They remind me of the hood and crew I grew up with which we call the 31st crew.”

“I don’t use make ups and I don’t watch soaps, it just make my stomach turn.”

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