Under 40 vs Over 40 top influential people on twitter



  • Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, has an astounding 137,681 followers. He was one of the very first CEO’s to be active on social media, breaking down the superficial barriers between top management and customers. @BobCollymore is firm in his views and engages the thousands of Safaricom customers on twitter in a constructive and conversational manner.



  • Next we have @Alykhansatchu. His interests include; banking, interest rates, macro-economics, Geopolitical Africa …’that kind of thing’ as his profile says. Who would have thought such topics would earn him nearly 44,000 followers? Interestingly, Aly-Khan Satchu follows quite a number of people, over 14,000. If financial analysis, stocks, current global affairs are your kind of thing, follow Mr. Satchu.



  • PR guru, Gina Din Kariuki takes a special place on this list as her +40,000 followers get inspired by her tweets and conversations. @GinaDin usually sounds amiable and someone you can relate to, hence the influence. Gina is involved in peace campaigns and is also a Red Cross ambassador. She engages her fans on various discussions.


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