Under 40 vs Over 40 top influential people on twitter


Robert Alai

  • Love him or hate him, controversial blogger @Robertalai trends almost everyday. Never afraid of courting controversy, Alai started off as a tech blogger but is now more known for inflammatory remarks on twitter that have landed him on the wrong side of the law. Still, his +60k followers trust his exclusive sources in (real or imagined) news. Hundreds of his fans mention him on their tweets to spread the word.


  • Another radio producer, @VinieO is one personality that consistently trends especially after he started his weekly quizzes. His weekly random educational questions elicit interesting reactions. Vinnie also tweets about current affairs and manages the social media for the @TheJam984 show.  Vinnie generates a following of 9,724 and 105,110tweets.


Over 40 years


  • Businessman Chris Kirubi (@CKirubi) gets people talking when it comes to social media with interesting and thought provoking comments. CK, as he is commonly known, engages regularly with his over 95,000 followers on twitter, advising on business, personal development and finance. He has recently started a weekly convo on twitter – #AskKirubi – to mentor the youth.



  • Sunny Bindra is a writer, corporate management consultant and teacher who is passionate about quality customer service and public governance. @Sunnysunwords started the longest trending hash tag #TwitterThumbsUp and #TwitterThumbsDown as a way to acknowledge/ expose services offered by both private and public corporations on twitter. His over 40,000 followers regularly retweet his posts, reaching thousands daily


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