Under 40 vs Over 40 top influential people on twitter


Twitter is the voice of the voiceless. You will be surprised that some of the big wigs on twitter are not loud, obnoxious or arrogant. Some are actually shy individuals whose Twitter reputation precedes them. But they have mastered the art of generating and maintaining online conversations on Twitter. It’s not just about the number of followers, but who is talking about you, your show or a topic you have started (negative or positive). We also considered people who respond to tweets and engage their followers.

We look at the two categories: Followers of the under 40 yrs influential people are in it for entertainment and comic relief while the over 40 followers are more interested in important insights and information. We are not sure about their age, so forgive us if they fall in the wrong side of the list while we left one influential personality because his age is contentious. We will let you be the judge of which category takes the crown.

Under 40 years


  • Media personality @JulieGichuru has replicated her on-screen TV conversation skills on Twitter to perfection. Unlike most under 40’s big wigs, her conversations are civil and topical, focusing on pertinent issues. Through her new TV series, Africa Leadership Dialogue, Julie is spreading her thoughts and ideas beyond her +150,000 followers.


Dennis Ole itumbi

  • @OleItumbi is the unofficial to-go guy for breaking news, especially if it is political and controversial. With over 50,000 followers, Dennis Oleitumbi describes himself on twitter as ‘”An International Award Winning Journalist, Playwright, Blogger, Novelist and owns a group of County Newspapers, Media and Social Media Consultancy and Solutions.”  Oleitumbi has been in trouble with law enforcers over his controversial posts on twitter and his blog.



  • @JoeWMuchiri makes interesting conversations, if you don’t mind the +18yrs content. With over 200,000 tweets and nearly 12,000 followers. The radio producer extends his influence through his radio shows. The weekly Hip-hop show, @TheCypher984 and the daily youth popular show @Hitsnothomework. Joe has started a number of trending topics that have spilled over to main stream media. This Arsenal die-hard fan and hip-hop junkie, has earned his place on this list coz’ he makes people discuss issues (mundane or otherwise).




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