Ugly Girls Club grows bigger

Ugly girls
The feminist society on the night they were dubbed “the ugly girls club”. L-R: Molly Coulthard (secretary), H Beverley (social sec), Natasha Barrett (president), Grace Kirkby (communications officer) and Antonia King (diversity officer)

Natasha Barrett and her fellow feminist society members were dubbed “the ugly girls club” while running a stall on sexual consent at their student union club night. That comment began a revolution that has taken over many British campuses and has now crossed borders reaching America and even Malaysia.

The movement began slowly but has got impetus with the underlining message of judging women by their looks. Interestingly, this message did not only translate to young college women only, but also found resonance with young men who soon joining the movement.

According to an interview with the Huffington Post, Natasha Barrette the president said, “some old members of Royal Holloway University London (RHUL) Feminist Society joined in as well as current members and it started to grow. We thought let’s make it a little campaign as although the selfies are ironic, the message is incredibly important.”

The movement is now 800 members strong and counting, with many universities across the UK joining the movement that seeks to change the common practice of judging someone based on their appearance and not their traits.

The future is bright for the girls of the revolutionary club as they tackle issues such as sexual harassment on campus as well as campaigning for women in sport. When Natasha was asked what is next for the feminist club, “We also want to launch our own. For example, we want to start a video campaign about the true definition of feminism, and we plan to collaborate with other societies to launch a campaign for women in sport.”



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