Tyrese Gibson Learns The Consequences of Oversharing Online


After a heated custody battle, actor and singer Tyrese Gibson went on a rampage on Instagram chronicling his legal and financial troubles.

The star began sharing his personal troubles after he was involved in a court case contesting custody for his daughter Shyla, for whom he pays up to $13,000 in child support. In September he was also accused of physically abusing his ex-wife, and later in October 2017 was served with a restraining order.

As legal fees and monthly child support fees continue to stack up, the “Shame” crooner went online speaking of his dipping finances. With his money at an all-time low, it appears that Tyrese was banking on his check from the upcoming Fast & Furious 9 to keep him afloat. Upon discovering that Fast 9 production would be pushed back by a year to 2020, he assumed it was because co-star, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson committed to working on a Fast spin-off.

He went on to fire back at Dwayne…

With a series of 9 Instagram posts uploaded on November 1st , Tyrese went on to reveal his troubles to the world, much to the disappointment of his fans and friends. To the stunned fans, it seemed that Tyrese was in the midst of an emotional breakdown.

Distraught and crying, Tyrese faced lots of negative feedback with some friends completely unsympathetic to his situation. Sadly, it seems the online tirade may have hurt his image rather than attract the sympathy he was looking for. Repeatedly using the “#ShylaRocks” hashtag, Tyrese has overshared online and there may be no coming back from it.


Ironically, according to Cinemablend, the reason Fast 9’s production has been pushed back has nothing to do with the rock, but everything to do with accommodating the Fast director, Justin Lin’s busy schedule. It is difficult to predict if Tyrese will get over his current troubles, but one this is for sure; he made a complete fool of himself.



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