Types of Women Not to Date


Finding that right woman is a bit of a challenge for most men nowadays, especially if you’re looking for that lady who will not give your mother a near heart attack. It has become really tricky to find a woman to settle down with. In as much as everyone should be judged according to their personality, there are some few types of women whom you should avoid at all costs. The book should not be judged by it’s cover, but sometimes the contents are a true reflection of the same cover. The image you showcase might just be an outright assassination of character.


1.  Brightly Coloured Weaves/ Braids Type

Dear Son of woman, as soon as you spot the damsel of your dreams donning a weave in the rainbow colours; run and never look back. More so if the weave is red or maroon in colour, your Social Studies teacher didn’t tell you that red is associated with danger for no reason.

These women are extremely dangerous. You will find them mostly along infamous streets or clubs at night flaunting their goods. They no longer have anything to hide and shame is not a word in their vocabulary.  These women will do anything for money and should you marry them, then you better start digging your grave in advance.  Yes, they are excellent in bed; but remember that practice makes perfect. It takes a thousand hours to perfect a skill. These women have been in more beds than a house cleaner in a hotel.  If you don’t want to experience the trauma of visiting a clinic cause of that painful and embarrassing itch down there, don’t take the risk of engaging any woman in this lot.

PS: Ever wondered why professional women don’t wear such horrendous weaves?  Well, maybe it’s because they don’t want people confusing them with the average hooker. If you ain’t Nicki Minaj or Rihanna, ditch the coloured weave. Unless of course you want that sort of attention, in which case, it is perfectly ok.


2.  Multi Colored Neon Nail Polish

Ratchet does not even begin to describe women with different nail polish colour on each nail. Why can’t one be satisfied with a single colour? The very action should send coded signals to you brother. If she can’t decide on a nail polish colour then best of luck trying to convince her that she can settle down with one guy. ‘Why stay with one when you can have all of them’ seems to be their motto.


3.  The Night Club Hopper

Well, any clever man knows that these are not the type of ladies to take home to your mother; unless you have the motive of sending her straight to the hospital ICU. These women know all the clubs in town and are even identified by name due to their frequent visits. They will party till dawn and will probably wake up in a stranger’s bed the next morning, clueless about yester night’s happenings. They hardly have no time for home grooming and will pay people to do their chores. These are the women that will drink away all your savings leaving you with a dry wallet and bankruptcy hovering over your head.


4.  The Fashionistas/ Shop-a-holics

All women are shopping addicts by virtue of being born female. But there is a different breed of women that derive pleasure in shopping just for the sake of it. They will buy all the shoes and dresses in vogue at the moment despite the fact that they might never wear them. These women will spend thousands of shillings annually just to get the thrill or whatever it is they derive from purchasing expensive items.

More often than not, shopaholics evolve into crucial gold diggers once they realize that they cannot cater for their expensive trips to shopping malls on a meager salary. They will stick to a loaded man with the agility of a leech, sucking their wallets dry till a mere carcass is left. It is good to treat a woman occasionally, but know that you are treading on dangerous waters if all her plans involve spending a considerable amount of money on useless things yet she is clueless about investment.

shopping girl

5.  The  ‘LOL’ type

If she uses ‘LOL’ and all other social media acronyms in real life conversational scenarios, you have worse problems at hand than a man on the run for drug transportation. Thing is, you are dating a child and it’s worth noting that you will bear all the responsibility that comes with raising her.  These women are barely out of their diapers and are hypo allergic to adult life and responsibility. They are the lot that still struggle to look cool and will drink from the scriptures of social media as if it were the book of life. If you want a baby to raise, then try your luck with this sort of woman.


6.  Couch Potato Lazy Types

Everyone has the potential of being lazy, others take it a notch higher.  All they ever do is laze around doing nothing but sleep and eat. They know little or nothing at all about how a simple meal is prepared yet they will not hesitate to gobble it down. They are clueless about the science of laundry and getting some exercise is akin to calculus. These are the women who will grow into giant blobs of fat once they get married and will give the house helps a taste of hell. Beware…


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