Two students fall to their death while making out on a balcony


Miguel Anastacia

In a moment of passion, two students from the UK fell 60 feet to their death as they were making out on the balcony of an apartment in London. Anastasia Totik, a Russian student and Miguel Ramos, an English student from Mexico, were apparently inebriated, an inquest heard.

The Guardian reports Anastasia had wrapped her legs around Miguel’s waist, as Miguel made motions that suggested they were having sex or humping, witnesses said.

18-year-old Anastasia was dangerously sitting on the rail of the balcony when they lost control and fell to their death.

“They were happy students celebrating the end of term and about to go home. They did not know each other well and it does not seem likely that any speculation as to them ending their lives could hold any water at all, and I discount that,” the coroner testified at the inquest.



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