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Two sides of the same coin – rapper Chiwawa


Rapper Chiwawa has the public and private life. On the mic, he is the tough, fearless and controversial artiste but at home, he is a reserved family man, humble and an entrepreneur.


What’s the origin of the name Chiwawa? What’s your real name?

The name Chiwawa is a nickname I got from friends when I was a kid growing up in South C. I loved the dog Chihuahua. My real names are Ken Gaciengo Mwai.

Who is Chiwawa as a person and an artist?

As a person Chiwawa is a reserved, a family man, down to earth and a man of the people. As an artist Chiwawa is arrogant, bold, fearless and skillful.

When did you begin your career and how has the journey been?

My music career started way back in High school, free styling and emceeing in events. That’s how I got to shape my talent. The journey has been full of ups and downs but all of them have been an eye opener in one way or the other. I’m honored to be where I am today

At times, your career has been characterized by spells of silence. What goes on during those spells?

Usually I’m on the ground hustling and handling my other business or in the studio recording new stuff for my fans. As you have witnessed, every time I get back on the scene, the ground always shakes from beats of my new hit.

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What inspires Chiwawa?

Real people and real events inspire me. Everyday proceedings

Hip hop is currently ruling Kenya’s music scene, what projects are in place that we should watch out for?

I have a new single called ‘Millioni Kichwani’ and videos coming out soon. Plus I am compiling my Fourth album featuring DJ Babz on the track.

There are many dope upcoming hip hop artistes, who would you
love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Dela, Octopizzo, Rabbit, Khaligraph, Ace, Xtatic, Ojiji and many others I can’t mention now.

Any other projects apart from music?

I have a waterline called Minerva that we launched last year and the business is picking up slowly but hoping to hit the big league asap. I’m also hoping to launch my clothing line soon, so watch this space.

Are you friends with Abass at the moment? There was a huge beef back then.

Yes, he has always been a friend.

Any advice to the youth?

Don’t stay idle, Do what you do best whatever it is and with what you have
and always put God first. God bless

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