Two Egerton students arrested for posting terror warnings on Facebook



Two students from Egerton University have been arrested for allegedly posting an alarming terror message on their facebook profiles. The two, Titus Ngare Nyagah and Alex Wachira, are reported to have created fake pages and updated with a post warning Egerton University students that Al Shabaab will attack the institution and cause a massacre.

The students, on interrogation, said they were ‘just joking’, but a third student who is linked to the two, is still at large. Police have placed a Sh2 million bounty for the whereabouts of Robert Mungai aka Robert Mohammed Blues.

The posts, which read: “We are not joking and if you think we are wait¬†(sic) for us. Garissa is nothing compared to what will (happen) in Egerton University, Allah is to be worship. We have spies and maps of the whole Egerton,” caused panic at the University.

A number of students vacated the University fearing similar attacks as witnessed at Garissa University. Meanwhile, four suspected Al Shabaab suspects have been arrested in Garissa and on the Kenya-Somali border.

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