Two Alliance students create interactive education website

Martin Siele and Brian Kirotich, Students at Alliance High School

Martin Siele and Brian Kirotich are no ordinary high school students. The two form-four students at Alliance High School have created a web platform that gives high school students access to past examination papers. The exam papers are sourced from the National examination body, KNEC, and also from individual schools.


Brian,18 and Martin,17 have received support from friends and family who have continuously sent them past papers to upload on the website.


The two say they were tired of the problems high school students go through especially over the holidays where getting test papers for revision is a nightmare. It is with this in mind that two came up with the website to help other students get past papers with ease. With a web presence and use of social media, Brian and Martin created a solution for thousands of form-four candidates irrespective of geographical area.


From the official launch in February 2013, they have between 7000-8000 responses from the website clearly validating the need for their service. The fact that the two Alliance students are KCSE candidates and also manage the website is a testament of their commitment to their idea.


Amidst all the challenges Brian and Martin faced especially that of finances, the E-masomo website is up and running swiftly, with about 300 views per day. With help from parents and teachers like Mr. Walter Ombiro who is their computer teacher, they have been able to successfully keep the website running.


The website is not only a platform for getting test papers but also there are videos posted of different topics and they plan on starting educative games for people and question and answer sessions.


Martin and Brian have an entrepreneurial streak as they have teamed up with their friends, Tom Lee, Emmanuel Onsongo and Ian Oluoch, to create The Kenya teen Connect. The initiative is basically a social media network for young teenagers.


Even as they prepare for the national Mock exams, the two young entrepreneurs have set their eyes on the global space as they aspire to help as many students as possible.



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