Tweet causes terror panic at KU



A tweet allegedly sent by a student caused anxiety at Kenyatta University yesterday evening forcing the administration to issue a statement.

“There has been misinformation trending in the social media about an attack on Kenyatta University. This is to confirm that there was no such attack or evacuation of students or staff as it is being alleged (sic),” said the statement signed by KU VC Prof. Olive Mugenda.

only in KU

A number of posts on social media implied students and staff were being evacuated under heavy military presence.

“However, there was an anonymous posting that caused anxiety among students,” added Mugenda.

According to ‘It’s only in KU’ Facebook page, a @MicahKiptoo tweet was the root cause of the unfounded panic.

George Thuku, KUSA President, assured students sufficient measures have been taken to ensure the institution is safe.

“Kenyatta University is SAFE. Ignore any other rumour passing around.”



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