Turn your college room from drab to fab


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Speaking from experience; most college or university rooms are tiny little spaces with potholed floors and grubby old walls. For better imagery, picture a run down motel room in one of those nineties Texas films. This is definitely not how a place you retire to after a day long of studies should be.


One’s room should be a place that you’d easily relax and be calmed rather than one that gives you the chills and you dread the thought of having your friends over. Decorating a hostel room to suit your tastes is hence crucial.


Floor pillows
Floor pillows

To be rid of the ugly cracked floor which is definitely not easy to mop, a pvc carpet would come in handy. Such carpets are found in all supermarkets and come in a wide range of colours and patterns that you would be spoilt for choice. The carpets are also quite affordable as a square metre goes for Kshs 160. For a bedside rag, go for one that is made of wool or an alternative material. The colour of the bedside rag should complement that of the pvc carpet.


Next thing to deal with would be the walls. Here the teenage worldwide custom of plastering the walls with posters of celebrities will not do. Wall paper would be a good remedy for the walls as plastering it is not very taxing. However wall paper is not readily available in the Kenyan market BUT paint is. Paint is an excellent choice for repairing the walls as you get to choose a colour that you fancy. It’s also economical as you will spend no more than Kshs 500 for a can of paint that will finish the job.


With the floor and walls taken care of you might want to add some effects to the room that will give it your personal touch. Go for items that will not look displaced in the room; floor pillows are a good choice.

metal n beads candle stand
Metal and beads candle stand

They give the room a classy feel and serve as seats for your visitors. Floor pillows are available for Ksh1500 at furniture yards such as the one along Jogoo road and Outering road. One or two pillows should be enough as you do not want to crowd the room. Curio items placed in the room will also make the room look appealing. You can go for decorated candle stands which will serve a dual purpose especially when KPLC decides you don’t need elec to study.