Turn off your TV, put aside your phone and develop a reading culture


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According to the legendary Ernest Hemingway, there is no friend as the book. However, it is no secret that Kenyans do lack a reading culture. Over a decade or so the situation has been worsened by the emergence of social media networks. In 2013, it was reported that the time spent on media by adults averaged 12hrs and 5 minutes.

This means most employed people spend time on their phones while at work addressing personal issues on social media. For the unemployed mostly students in high school and campus they spend most of their time on television watching movies and television series and at 11.00p.m when you think they are dead asleep you will be surprised by the much tweeting they are engaged in.

Nowadays, students are rarely interested in reading for pleasure rather they do so for the sake of passing examinations. The declining interest in reading not only among the students but also as a society at large is very alarming.

Developing a reading culture is quite tough and sometimes rough but trust me it’s worth the hustle. It’s time to turn off your television and mobile phone and start reading articles, newspaper, magazines, novels and books. Here are a few tips one can use in developing this rare skill:

  1. Hey pal, wake up early – Most mornings seem to be tranquil and serene thus offering a needed environment for reading plus the brain is much relaxed enabling memory retention.
  2. Develop a culture of reading through technology – The internet offers so much information on diverse issues. Nowadays one can access a newspaper on your smart phone daily plus there are various blogs covering all topics. This may offer technerds and phone addicts a golden opportunity to develop a reading habit.
  3. Read as a family – Research has it that most of our habits and behaviors are as a result of family and friends. If you find it boring reading alone you can alternatively read as a family. This goes a long way in enabling your kids develop this habit early in the life.

According to Joseph Brodsky there are worse crimes than burning a book, one of them is not reading them. So grab a book along Moi Avenue, take time and read it. Its one of the best thing you would have done today.

by @Amb_Antony



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