How Trump’s Muslim Ban Affects International Students In America


As Trump settles into his new role as President of the United States, it seems that his “To Do” list is full on poorly considered policies. Among the many reforms ‘The Donald” has implemented a ban on Muslims barring immigrants from Muslim nations including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the US. The ban was signed into being on the 27th of January to a less than welcoming reaction from the world.


The ban was difficult to implement as POTUS did not clearly identify the parameters determining who is subject to the ban. Protests erupted in various airports across the USA, as many immigrants seeking entry into the country were detained until further notice.  According to The Guardian, the order has various immediate effects for travelers into the USA. The British news outlet reported “confusion and despair at ports and airports as approved refugees, valid visa holders, non-US dual citizens and US legal residents were detained, barred from planes or ordered out of the US. Immigration lawyers and employers have warned many people not to leave the US for fear they could be barred from re-entering.”


As many students seek higher education in the United States, their fate is uncertain as the ban affects those of nationalities features on Trump’s Muslim ban list.  Consequentially, with the implementation of the ban, many have been turned away at the airport while a few were lucky enough to gain entry.Universities such as Yale and Standford have shared their reaction to the ban. According to the university site, “Yale’s Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS), in consultation with legal counsel, has recommended that Yale students and scholars from the designated countries (including dual nationals and U.S. permanent residents) suspend plans for international travel unless they first consult with OISS.”


Here is the story of Sudanese Ph.D. student who narrowly escaped deportation as the Muslim ban was enforced.




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