Trump Slammed By Friend For Calling Kenya A “Sh*tHole”


Donald Trump made headlines last week, by his comment about immigration policies made by American Policymakers, as reported by the Washington Post. The now famous comment had Trump speaking out of frustration in the Oval Office stating he would prefer more rigid policies. He said, ” why are we having these people from sh*thole countries,” referring to African countries and Haiti.

Now, the President of the United States has faced lots of backlash over his ignorant comment. Among those disappointed with the President’s remarks is Trump’s close friend Geraldo Rivera. In a tweet, the attorney and former TV host, Geraldo revealed his disgust with Trump’s remarks.

However, it seems Trump’s backhanded compliment for Norway has been rejected, with many say “Thanks, but no thanks” according to NBC News. “Reactions quickly spread across social media in Norway, with some bristling at the concept that Norwegians would want to move to the United States given the president’s comments.”

Trump continues to insist that he is not racist, but rather is putting America first.



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