TPF’s Ruth and Jackson to release wedding song


Daystar University’s Ruth Matete won the hearts of East African’s on her way to being crowned as the winner of TPF 5. The 26 year old singer talked to Capital Campus correspondent Carolyne Kiambo on life after TPF, her aspirations and her upcoming album. Ruth reveals she is working on a wedding song together with Jackson, TPF 5 second runner up.

Who is Ruth Matete?

I am an outgoing girl who is a go-getter very cheeky and funny. I was brought up by a single father after my mother passed on when I was 8years old. I am also an only child and I enjoy it. It has a wonderful experience.

What was your dream career when you were young?

I wanted to be a nurse (laughs) because I love seeing people happy and I also love helping people then I wanted to be an air hostess.

Then what lead you to Communications?

I studied Communication because of music. I love music and it was an easier way for me to connect. If I wasn’t singing I would probably be on Radio because I think I have a face for radio(laughs)

Who is your Role model?

God, then my dad because he has always been there for me and he knows what’s best for me.

You toured the USA last year with a singing team called Afrizo how was your experience?

It was an incredible and wonderful experience. I learned a lot because of the different cultures. We were well received and also motivated with the number of people that turned up. Even when the turn up wasn’t that good, we were still motivated.

How was it winning TPF 5 and what has changed?

I had mixed feelings. I was shocked…had a wave of disbelief and I was happy. I still give God the Glory and thank my fans for the support all through. A lot has changed. The way I talk to people, I can’t afford to give a sad face… I have to put a smile all the time. My social life has also changed. I do not have much of it now because I go to interviews and more interviews.

What about the places you go?

That has not changed because I was not a party person but I can do lunch at local fast food outlets since winning. I have actually gone to Sanford, Moi Avenue twice.

We saw you lead worship in your church last Sunday, how was it?

It felt awesome and great to be back on stage and doing what I love that’s singing.

Your participation in the TPF was received with mixed reaction from churches and Daystar how did you work it out?

My Church and Daystar supported me. My church understands me, my participation does not mean that I will start smoking or even drinking. Going to TPF does not change who I am.

You said that Jackson was your major competition, when he was named the 2nd runners-up did you know that you will win?

No. I was actually scared of Doreen because she had a serious fan base that always supported her all the way till the end.

You are planning to do a collabo with Jackson?

Yes we already have the song written and laid down. We are planning to do a song that will be universal. One that will be sang during weddings.

When are you planning to release your first album?

Time is running am planning to do it before Christmas.

Anyone you would love to meet?

Donald Lawrence, he is a gospel artist I would love to meet him so as to do a collabo with him and know what drives because he releases hit after hit.

Anything you would love to change in your life? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

No, nothing everything I go through is what God has planned for because He has a reason. I will have released more than 3 great albums. But far above all is to be in God’s plans. I am also planning to go back to school to study a Degree in Public Relations.

Parting shot to artists?

Do what you love at the end of the day it is the message that you are passing across that matters