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Tortillaz ambushed on thirsty Thursday



Thursday last week is a night many USIU students would want to forget. The evening started out great for many fun lovers who rendezvous at Tortillaz, a local bar and restaurant and a hotspot for students especially on Thursday nights.


It was all well until the clock hit midnight when police showed up with a truck and arrested everyone on sight in the club.  The police locked the club so that nobody could get in or out.  Once the club was locked, everyone was rounded up and hurdled into the back of the truck and taken to Kasarani Police Station.


In the midst of all the chaos, one eye witness says the police would get very aggressive and physically abused.


“Many of us got thrown into lorry roughly, even potatoes aren’t thrown like that,” said the student who dint want to be identified.


The truck made two trips ferrying about 140 people per trip to the station.  The reason for the operation, the police say, was that Tortillaz has been operating illegally.  The club owner had not obtained the right legal license to operate late into the night and is supposed to close down at 11pm.


The arrested were set free the following morning and were warned to be careful about clubs like Tortillaz.  The warning was unnecessary as word had spread that 500 USIU students had been arrested, making it a trending topic on Twitter on Friday morning.  Some students have sworn never to set foot at Tortillaz but we will just wait to see how long that embargo will last


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