Top Uni students at the London Olympics



The 2012 London Olympics has brought together 10,500 participants from 200 countries in one of the most anticipated and viewed events in the world. Among the Olympians are students representing different countries, some who have won medals for their Uni’s and country in different sporting events.


Australia has the highest number of student participants with 150 student-athletes on its team. 38 of those have represented Australia and their Campus in previous competitions including the World University Championship. Other countries, including Kenya, have student athletes representing their country at the Olympics.


We look at some of the star student athletes.


1. Jason and David Dunford – Kenya, Swimming

The Dunford brothers have a long record as swimming champs. Both are students at the prestigious Stanford University. Jason, a human biology major, has won several medals representing Kenya in Africa and global sporting events. Jason has held swimming records at Stanford Uni in fly and free style and he was the Kenyan flag bearer at the opening of the London Olympics.


David, the younger of the two brothers, won two gold medals and silver at the 2006 African Championship and has represented Kenya in two World Championships, one Commonwealth Games and one African Championship. David is a Management science and engineering major. Though the Dunford brothers failed to clinch medals at the London Olympics, they have done Kenya proud.





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