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Top stories: A Kenyan at Yale, Octo vs Rabbit, half-baked students, love at a strip club


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These are some of the top stories this week. Check if you missed any. What is your favorite piece? and what would you like us to feature? If you want your story to be published, inbox our FB page 


Rabbit vs Octopizzo: Who is the King of Kenyan hip-hop?

Rabbit and Octopizzo are both heavyweights in Kenya’s music industry, no doubt. There are certain aspects that define stars and those that separate the mighty from the good and the astonishing from the surprising.  Octopizzo and Rabbit are both gifted in different ways, but what exactly separates the two?……


Why Kenyan campuses are producing half-baked graduates

A few days ago, a Medicine student challenged me with a question that threw me off-balance. As a proud Economics student, he naturally thought I could shine some light into what I thought about the ECB. The only answer I could come up with was, “hmmm, ECB? forgive my memory; my Biology seems to be a little rusty.” The look he gave me made me feel like the dumbest person…..


How a rare moment of defiance led one Kenyan girl to Yale University

The one single moment Esther Soma went against her parent’s wish, unimaginable opportunities opened in ways she never thought were possible. At only 20 years, Esther has met and interacted with world leaders and global entrepreneurs and is studying at a prestigious Ivy League University…..


Two Kenyan Secondary Schools listed among 10 best in Africa

Two Secondary schools in Kenya have been listed among the best 10 secondary schools in Africa by The African Economist. The ranking has listed 100 schools across Africa with exceptional facilities, good learning environment and consistent high education standards…..


Lecturers suffer under students’ skirts length: time to consider dress code?

As the society becomes more liberal, students have taken the cue and all forms of expression have spread to lecture halls. Students have taken the liberalism to the class by dressing in what many lecturers and the admin would consider scandalous and out of place.
“I was invigilating an exam when I spotted a female student reading answers from a phone tucked between her thighs covered by a very short skirt,” one lecturer narrates….


19 yr Kenyan girl to open Hacker Academy after US visa decline

CNN yesterday featured a story of 19 year old Martha Chumo who has unbridled determination and ambition for her age. Chumo is clearly intelligent. She was at the top of her class in her high school and was waiting to join the University of Nairobi to study Medicine when she got interested in programming.

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