Top 5 qualities of a great intern


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Having done internships at different organizations, I realize the importance of making the best of it. However long you may have within an organization, I believe that your presence should be felt and you should have an impact no matter how brief your stay. Different qualities can ensure you thrive and soak up the experience. Here is a simple list of traits every intern should possess to be success.

  1. Hardworking

This is probably one of the most important traits that employers look for that make someone highly employable. You have to be ready to be the first to report to the office and the last to leave. Not just to impress your supervisor, but to put in extra hours of productive work. This trait shows total commitment to the tasks assigned. As an intern, it is important that you give yourself fully to your work, ensuring that you learn and improve every day. A good work ethic weeds out serious candidates from the strugglers.


  1. Shows initiative

Being self-driven is an important quality that every individual going somewhere should have. As an intern, it is essential that you take on the initiative to go beyond and above your assigned tasks. If there is an opportunity to take on extra hours over the weekend, do not shy away from the opportunity. Ask your supervisor or manager to assign you more tasks and volunteer in other departments. Get feedback from your superiors on areas you need to improve.

  1. Ready to learn

As an intern, one of your most vital objectives while under the employment of a company is to soak up as much experience as possible. Whether you are under the marketing or IT department, your time at the company offers you a chance to learn the inner workings of the business and link the theory in campus to the practical experience you gain in the corporate world.

  1. Honesty

In as much as honest is a rare commodity these days, staying honest depicts you as a trustworthy future employee. If you are not in a position to handle a task, explain why you can not and suggest an alternative. Unlike college where peer pressure may make you do stupid things, the workplace is an environment where you take personal responsibility. Set yourself apart by maintaining to your standards.

  1. Open mind

The objective of interning is to get as much experience as possible. Having an open mind helps on soaking the information and learning from experienced colleagues. You should also go beyond the work-office experience. Read widely and get information on new trends in your industry. The organization you are interning at will only employ you if you are adding value to the company.



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