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Top 5 Kenyan diss tracks of all time


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We decided to compile some of the greatest diss tracks of all times. Here are our thoughts, let us know which ranks as your all time Kenyan diss track.

1. Tunaendelea Chiwawa

Standing at number one is Chiwawa’s diss track to Kleptomaniacs. No one disputes that. Titled tunaendelea, Chiwawa went out guns all blazing, armed with ferocious punch lines for Kleptomaniac’s neck. The track became the talk of town and one of the most memorable diss tracks of all times.  ‘Difference zenyu na spice girls ni ngotha zenyu za corduroy.’ How do you even respond to that?

The song that Chiwawa responded to forms number two in the list of some of the most legendary diss tracks in Kenya.

      Chiwawa -Tunaendelea(Klepto diss)

2. Tuendelee by Kleptomaniacs

The only diss track that went mainstream was this one by Kleptomaniacs. The patch boys went harder than what everyone else thought they would do. Actually, it became even a club anthem. Nyashinki’s verse was hailed as the best. In fact, it was the only diss track that crossed over to the mainstream industry. Most people don’t know it was a diss track. Today, the song is still a hit with everyone including children rapping verbatim to their words. This was the time when Ogopa was considered to be a house of kapuka yet when Lucas cooked a diss track, the industry experienced tremors.

3. Chiwawa’s diss to Abbas

What happens when best friends fall out? What happens when these two friends are also ill MC’s on their own? You guessed it right. That kind of a fight can only be won in the booth. Knuckle to knuckle, sweat to sweat and punch line to punch line.

Abbass and Chiwawa had enjoyed a very close working relationship between them. But one day, due to disagreements, they couldn’t see eye to eye. And that’s how one of the illest diss tracks was born.

      Chiwawa - Abbas Diss

4. Khaligraph Jones

This man has arguably the best flow in the +254. Anyone who disagrees probably hasn’t been following up his projects keenly. He came to the scene through WAPI (words and pictures) at British council. His rhymes were fresh, his flow was intact and the only rapper from Kayole with an accent. He took the industry by storm and earned respect of both his peers and the legends who came before him.

And then a beef between him and Octopizzo came to the limelight. He went and recorded a distrack titled I run +254 but the one that carried the day was the cypher he did at Homeboys Radio with DJ Final Kut.

5. Peace song by Mwafrika

Mwafrika was famous for freestyle rap. His wittiness was evident through his lines. But what made him stand out was the use of Swahili and humor in trying to pass his message. While he responded to Wothes on this track, the actual target should have been Chiwawa who dissed him through a track called war song one.

Mwafrika came through on the same track that Chiwawa used to diss him on.

      Mwafrika - Peace Song


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