Top 5 Best Moments Of Boondocks


The show was and still is a cornerstone of black pop culture. Boondocks and the eccentric cast members embody society as we know it. The show is a satirical mirror to life and the quirky, sometimes non-sensical things members of society do. The show run from 2005 to 2014, with a talented group of actors who lent their voices to bring the characters to life. Starring, Robert “Grandad” Freeman played by John Witherspoon, Huey and Riley Freeman played by Regina King and Uncle Ruckus played by Gary Anthony Williams, the show is full of laughs and moments of reflection.


The show was known for its satire and hilarious depictions of life in the black community. Here are some of the best moments on Boondocks.


1.The Nigga Moment

The moment that takes over even the best of us, “the nigga moment” the term was presented and coined by Riley on the show. Throughout the course of the sitcom, there have been several nigga moments that stand out including Barack Obama’s nigga moment as well as Granddad’s own nigga moment. The moment turns an otherwise simple disagreement to a moment of utter distraction for all those involved.



2.Riley’s Fundraiser

The wanna-be thug Riley, born and breed on Hip Hop culture takes on a British chocolate merchant aka a cartel kingpin Alistar Rigby. The episode explores Riley’s success at fundraising and his rapid rise to the top. Unfortunately, his business empire encroaches on the Brit’s territory, bring them both to a sit down where Riley had a real “gangsta” moment, stepping up to Alistar and lays down the law. Riley’s speech popularized the quote, “my President is black and my lambo is blue” a common urban phrase.



3.Barack Obama’s Inauguration

One of the most historical moments in the recent past, the swearing-in of Barack Obama as the first black president gave lots of content to the Boondocks show. The different characters reacted differently, needless to say, Uncle Ruckus was totally against Obama’s presidential win while Riley associated the win with the dawn of a new era.



4.A Pimp Named Slickback

A pimp named Slickback played by Katt Williams is an authentic depiction of the black pimp. Insight into a day in the life of A Pimp Named Slickback, the show humanizes the criminal who runs a prostitution ring. The pimp also shares advice with Tom, Freeman’s next door neighbor who has marital problems with his wife. A pimp named Slickback advice gives Tom a backbone and saves the day.



5.Thugnificent’s MTV Cribs

Thugnificent the ultimate gangsta rapper star on Boondocks shows MTV around his new home. Extravagant and gaudy, his home showcases why many rappers live extravagant lives and die poor.  Unfortunately, Riley’s role model Thugnificent sees a quick demise that has Riley rethinking what it truly means to be a successful rapper.




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