Top 5 back to school apps


1. My Class Schedule

This the perfect app for managing your school life. It allows you to input all your information, from class locations and timings, to teachers, to set reminders for homework deadlines and exams that are coming up, so you always stay ontop of whatever school stuff you need to do. It even has a feature that allows the app to automatically mute your phone during class hours, saving you the embarrassment of having to dig through your bag with everyone’s eyes reverted on you. (Free, Android Apps)


2. StudyDroid

You all know how flashcards work? Well, this is a flashcard creating app. You write down little bits of information to jog your memory, such as questions on the front of the card, with the answers at the back. It’s a really effective way to study, and make sure you’ve understood a topic all the way through, and not just the first few pages of your notes. Best part is that you get to carry your flashcards with you wherever you go, minus the hassle of paper and trying to keep them all organized. It’s great for reading when in transit, or brushing up on your knowledge right before a test. (Free, Android Apps)

3. CamScammer

This is for those moments when a teacher hands out group work and you each have to figure out a way to photocopy the assignment between classes. Well, worry no more! CamScanner allows you to take a picture of the paper, and it converts it into a PDF file that can be shared amongst all of you. You can even import an image from your gallery for conversion, and combine multiple images into one PDF document. Just make sure the camera used takes great photos and you’re good to go! (Free, iOS, Android)

4. Scope Beta (Twitter/Facebook client)

I’ve searched the web for an app that allows me to manage my social media accounts in one place and sadly, I still haven’t found the perfect one. Scope only made the list because it’s the only one that allows me to reply to my facebook inboxes, as well as do all the other things offered by the likes of Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Seemic. As disappointed as I am in their performances, I will say that the idea itself is great. It saves a lot of time jumping from one site to the other when you can view all the information on one screen, and it’s very convenient being able to update all sites simultaneously.

5. Fruit Slice (or fruit ninja, same thing)

We all need to have a little fun sometimes, and this game allows you to do just that. The goal is to slice (ninja style) as many fruits as you can without letting any of them drop, and without hitting a bomb. It’s easy to underestimate how addictive this game is but once you start, it’s incredible hard to stop playing.

You may have noticed that the apps I’ve mentioned are mostly android apps. For those of you on other platforms, a simple google search will help your find the IOS or Blackberry equivalents, if any are available.


Are there any apps that you can’t go a day without that didn’t make the list? Sound off in the comments and let us know!




  • Good list. I wanna add my favorite app. It’s flashcard app: Superflashcard. I love it because it helps me realize that I need to change my study method with using my memory. It guides me to focus on what I have trouble to remember instead of learning all each time. I also can use its database.for my study.

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