Top 10 irritating things interracial couples hear


As much as interracial relationships are now more or less acceptable, being in one can be one long journey. The hardships encountered in these types of relationships do not come from the couple themselves, but more often than not, the people around them. The world is not yet at a stage where interracial relationships are normal. To most, it is still weird, special and rebellious. Being a couple in an interracial relationship can be difficult anywhere in the world, but in Kenya or Africa, it becomes exhaustingly hard, especially if you are a woman. Here are some of the things interracial couples have been told or asked, as weird as they sound, these sorts of sayings or questions are common.

1. Are your parents okay with this?

Parents couple

Are parents ever really okay with any relationship? Whether the relationship is interracial or not, getting a beau past your parents is a headache. So, apply this same logic. So, of course it is hard, but it really depends on the parents. Unlike the movies, not all parents react to the news as if a nuclear bomb went off.

2. How do you communicate with such different cultures?


We communicate in the language of love and affection. Cultures are not a priority in a relationship. Unless the culture is so drastic that to date that person you need to cut off a left leg, then it shouldn’t really be an  issue. Moreover, cultures do not simply apply to race, different families have different cultures. Culture is a set of belief and norms, so you might find that two people from completely different races with the same ‘culture.’

3. You think you are too good for your own race

black father

No, but I am definitely too good for your stupidity. If there was ever a statement that warrants a death penalty it is this one. Just because you date one race does not mean you hate your own race, everyone has a preference. It is really a matter of who you fall in love with.

4. Is it because he/she is rich?


Honestly, it is because they have clean nails. Seriously, just because a black, Asian or white woman or man, dates outside their race doesn’t mean that they are poor or gold diggers? If they happen to live in a castle with hundreds of butlers then that is a bonus. However, like any sort of relationship, you date someone because there is a connection. Moreover, anyone can be a gold-digger, it doesn’t just apply to interracial couples. Jay-Z’s 99 Problems song was not about an interracial couple.



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