Top 10 Education Apps for College Students


Looking for a way justify buying that neato smartphone or iPad on your student budget?  Consider it an investment in your academic success. The right education applications can transform these handheld wonders into powerful learning tools. Check out these 10 educational apps that could really elevate your study game. (Bonus: Many are free!)


1. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is the ultimate Web and smartphone app for studying on the go. Create your own notes and flashcards at, then access them anywhere using your StudyBlue app. You can even share your study aids with others, making this the go-to app for study groups. Cost: Free


2. Cram

This scholastic testing app lets you create, import and study for tests on the go using your smartphone. Use it to cram for your next math quiz or even standardized tests. Cost: $3.99

cram app

3. iStudiez Pro

College life can be chaotic, but iStudiez will ensure it’s at least a controlled chaos. Use this nifty smartphone app to organize your schedule and homework assignments, manage your time and even track your grades. Cost: $2.99.


4. The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Designed for the iPad, The Elements: A Visual Exploration elevates geekdom to something much snazzier. According to its creators, this must-have app for science-based learning is the antidote for the terrible high school chemistry experience you’d rather forget. View and learn all about the elements in razor-sharp, fully rotatable images. You can even view them in 3D using a pair of cheap 3D glasses. Cost: $13.99


5. Pages

Every student needs a solid word processing app. Create striking papers quickly with Pages, an app that allows you to use Apple’s popular word processing program on the go with your iPad. Cost: $9.99


6. Stanza

Stanza transforms your smartphone or iPad into the user-friendly eReader you’ve always wanted. Featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Wired and others, Stanza allows you to access thousands of contemporary and classic titles or other reference materials anywhere, anytime. Cost: Free

stanza app

7. Remember the Milk

We admit that scheduling apps are a dime a dozen, but unlike most other productivity tools, Remember the Milk actually maps out your tasks in the real world so you can run your errands as efficiently as possible. Cost: Free


8. Touch Physics Lite

It probably won’t help you pass your killer of a physics class, but this award-winning game will give your brain a good workout. Draw shapes and move them through spacing in accordance with the laws of physics. Cost: Free


9. TED

If you haven’t met TED, you’re in for a treat. Technology, Entertainment and Design is a small nonprofit that allows people to access videos and audio of riveting presentations by some of the worlds’s sharpest minds. The TED app allows you to access this material on your smartphone or iPad. Cost: Free


10. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

No more waking up groggy from a deep sleep–this app works with your sleep cycles to ensure you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to track your movement during sleep, monitoring your natural sleep cycle, and then finds the ideal time to wake you up (within 30 minutes of your set time). Cost: $3.99

These apps and others can help you to stay on top of your game and put your smartphone or iPad to work for you.




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