Top 10 clever inventions by students


Despite what one might think university is more than just about booze, parties and YOLOs. For most when it comes to university, fun comes first then education second. The goal for many students out there is to have as much fun as possible because rumour is, the moment you leave university, things get difficult. However, nowadays, there is a rise of innovators, the party goers are still there of course but students from universities all over the world are achieving amazing things. This goes to show you that there is really no age tag to brilliant ideas.

1. Undercover Colors

pill glass wine

Since the world is still a scary place for women, four students from North Carolina State University invented a nail polish that can detect date rape drugs like, Rohypnol, Xanax and Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB). Since its conception in 2014, the product has attracted $100,000 investment as well as media attention. The product is still not out, but hopefully when it does come out, it will be unisex. The most interesting part is that all the four students behind the Undercover Colors are male; goes to show that men know a thing or two about fashion.



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