Top 10 best Kenyan TV shows

Kenyan TV shows have come a long way since the days of Tushaurinie, Tahamaki and Tausi. While some, like Vitimbi and Vioja Mahakamani are considered the longest running local TV shows, others fizzled out after some time. TV shows, that have captured our attention include; game shows, talk shows, news shows, sitcoms and drama. We now look at the most popular and, to some extent, best local shows based on Twitter trending analysis and an informal poll we did. We will be putting up an online poll for you to get a chance to vote for your best shows in the coming days. So here are the best TV shows:

10. Churchill Show

Ardent fans of Churchill show can swear the stand-up comedy show is the best thing national TV. But apparently more people watch its’ spinoff (Churchill raw) more than the main show. What started off as a stand-up comedy show has transformed to include interviews. This, and the emergence of other comedy shows, has led to the gradual decline of Churchill show. However, the show continues to draw millions of viewers to NTV and through the live road shows which will definitely keep the fans connected to Churchill, the person and the show.

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